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we provide your pet relocation service

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Our story

Since 2013, Mintpet Travel has been trusted by families to safely relocate their pets throughout the Korea and all over the 
world. The pets that move with us are very special, and so are our values : 


  1. We love animals! 
    Most of our pet relocation specialists bring their own pets to the office everyday, so we understand what pets wants,  
    how to play with them, and what is the problem. Our specialists have good sense for taking care of animals.


  2. We understand the meaning of relocation ;
    Our Pet Relocation Specialists understand that relocation of animal is a significant event, and we can offer a range of services and options that will make your pet’s relocation easier 
    for you and your pet. We understand how this relocation meaningful to pets and owner of pets. We can then use this knowledge to offer a customized relocation solution to you and your pets.


  3. We are best in our industry ; 
    Mintpet Travel is related with International Pet and Animal Transportation Association(IPATA) member, so handled many cases of departure or arrival which pet alone or with pets. It doesn't 
    matter weather you're come with your pets or pet alone. We have several specialists can translation, so contact us for more information. Don't hesitate!


Mintpet Travel offers complete veterinary services to every valued customer.

At Mintpet Travel, we have our own veterinarian on staff to provide expert advice to all customers. Based at our Seoul head office, our veterinarian can also provide treatments, health checks and documentation for pets traveling from or via Seoul. Throughout the Korea, most pet owners already have a relationship with their local 
veterinarian who knows their pet. We are happy to work directly with your veterinarian to ensure that all treatments are provided and documented 
to comply with travel regulations. 

When traveling overseas, the USDA requires that all treatments must be provided and documented by a USDA accredited veterinarian. 
If you don’t have a preferred veterinarian, please speak to a Pet Relocation Specialist so that we can help you identify a suitable 
veterinarian in your area. Alternatively, we may be able to make arrangements for veterinary treatments to be provided for you.

ㆍIf you don't have any veterinarian in Korea, don't have to worry. We have several veterinarians who can speak English, so 
your pet can get treatment with you. Our veterinarians will explain your pet's condition in English, you don't have to worry anything.


Your Mintpet Travel Pet Relocation Specialist will ensure that you and your pets are all set for the move, however the following checklist may also help you in feeling that you have everything ready to go. 

ㆍIf you are using your own crate, is your crate airline approved? 
   If you are unsure, please clarify your crate type with your Pet Relocation Specialist. 

ㆍDon’t pack veterinary records with other household items! 
   Ensure that you have your pets veterinary & vaccination records available for boarding and travel. 

ㆍYoung pets and animals must be at least 8 weeks of age by the time of travel. 
   Some international destinations may require that they be older, so confirm the age of pets with your Pet Relocation  

ㆍYour pet cannot be more than 42 days pregnant at the time of travel.
ㆍMake sure that you received your Mintpet Travel  booking confirmation.
ㆍKeep your Mintpet Travel contact details and your Mintpet Travel reference number handy.

Import Your Pet to Korea

If you want to import your pet to Korea, there are some conditions. The quarantine rules of Korea has changed about two years ago, and it can be change again without notice. We will update the rules as it changed however, please notice that  do not prepare your import only depend on our website. The website of government of  Korea always provide new quarantine rules. ( You can see the diagram to import your pets to Korea.

Let me explain shortly.

    ㆍAll dogs and cats which want to be import into Korea has to be microchip planted. (Doesn't matter with pet's age)
    ㆍThe microchip should be ISO standard model (11784/11785), unless you should bring your own microchip scanner. 
    ㆍIf microchip can't read by scanner, another new microchip must be planted to dogs and cats which imported. 
    ㆍThe dogs and cats which doesn't planted microchip can be located at quarantine until microchip planted. 

    ㆍAll dogs and cats must be rabies vaccinated and should bring the certification which result 0.5IU/ml at least. 
     ㆍIf the result doesn't fit to standard requirement, dogs or cats can be re-vaccinated and test again. 
     ㆍThe dogs and cats which doesn't have appropriate result certification can be located at quarantine until appropriate
        result come out.

Please contact to us for more information


Mintpet Travel, 119Ho at Samsung Taemart, 

202 Sancheon-dong, Yongsan-go, Seoul, Korea 140-040


(+82) 10-2800-7695


Phone number:

(+82) 2-707-2235


Kakao Talk: mintpet

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